Travel expands our horizons. We immerse ourselves in foreign cultures, discover new delicacies, and return home with inspiring impressions. Traveling means daring to explore the unknown and allowing ourselves to be surprised. We can pursue this spirit of exploration and curiosity even in our own homeland. Are there not also exotic scents, unknown flavors, and special places to discover here? Can we not also be adventurers in our own surroundings? This book invites you on a culinary journey through Munich. It showcases the diverse and international aspects of Munich, serving as a gastro-guide and a bridge to different cultures. It inspires experimentation and enjoyment. For those who wish to explore this magnificent city with its diverse culinary facets while still embracing the wider world.

  • Project details

    Text & idea: Laura Werther
    Design & illustration: Annika Mittelmeier
    Photograohy: Sabrina Fiorin
    Publisher: Allitera Verlag